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“But those who trust in the Lord shall renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint" Isaiah 40:31
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Dr. Marylyn Rands

Dr. Marylyn is a retired college professor who focused her teaching on helping young women grow strong and confident.

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Who is Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project?

Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project is a non profit Community Based organization working with children, families and communities in Eastern Uganda, mainly in Manafwa and Districts

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the well-being of people affected by poverty, conflict and disease.

Where is Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project based?

Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project is located at Napuru Village, Bungokho Sub-county, Mbale district with offices in Bumbo Trading center, Manafwa District.

What does Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project do?

The organization has a wider range of programs that include:

  1. Producing Solar Panels to provide energy for rural Population in Uganda.
  2. Empowering rural Women with Income Generating Projects.
  3. Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable children and Youth through clubs.
  4. Provision of Shelter for Poor families.
  5. Construction of Bumbo Community Library.

How does Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project choose in which areas it will work?

Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project only establishes a program in a community when: (a) We are invited by, and have access to, top-level leadership such that our successes in the community can influence change.
(b) The community has individuals and groups in need of our services and the people are willing to use the concept of self-help to meet their needs.

Where do my contributions go? How much goes towards overhead?

Your contributions enable Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project to mobilize communities, and build the capacities of women, men and children, so that they can be in position to meet their needs and end poverty.
Some of your money goes to fundraising and general administration. We are committed to spending 20 percent or less on overhead, which includes fundraising and administration, while 80 percent goes directly to programs.

Can my development organization apply for grants from Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project?

No. All funds raised by Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project are utilized for the work of Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project. However, Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project is always interested in partnering and collaborating with like-minded organizations. Please contact us with any questions regarding partnerships and collaborations.

Where do I find out about job, internship and volunteer opportunities?

Please kindly visit the “Get Involved” page on our website.

How do I arrange to have someone from Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project speak at an event?

Please kindly visit the “Contact Us”  page on our website and send us an email. We shall get back to you within a period of 48 hours.

What are your future plans?

Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project plans to expand the micro-finance program for rural women and families from Manafwa to other new areas and expand the solar project. We also have children and youth projects that we want to continue supporting.

If you would like to support any of the above projects, please kindly visit the “Donate Page”. Your support is highly welcome.

How many families, groups and children and youth do we support each year?
Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project supports 1,700 children and 300 youth through children and youth clubs. 240 women receive business loans through groups, and 1,000 families benefit through the solar scheme.


Buy the solar sustem from us. We are producing solar panels from 1 watt to 100 watts with the aim of generation local income to support the work of the organisation. Email us here for the price list.


Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project on 10th/November/ 2011 won a green award by International Labour Organisation under the Youth Entreprenureship Facility.>> read more

Most urgent needs

We are currently having a range of projects that need urgent support. Click here to view the list and Donate

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