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“But those who trust in the Lord shall renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint" Isaiah 40:31
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When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me."  ~Erma Bombeck


This website was sponsored by

Dr. Marylyn Rands

Dr. Marylyn is a retired college professor who focused her teaching on helping young women grow strong and confident.

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The John Memorial Library

In 2008, our friend Dr. Marylyn started the John Memorial Library to honor her husband who had passed away from a long illness. Here are some words from Marylynthat were read at the dedication of the library. 

“Thank you for the prayers you said for John and me when we were going through our difficult time. I still feel the love and strength you sent to us to help us through those days and nights.

“John would have been very happy to be with you today and see the start of your library. He taught himself many things from books. He still had a book from his childhood called “How Things Work”. He used to study it and he made several inventions when he was still a boy.

“John went on to become an engineer, and later the manager of a program that makes radars. ‘Mo’, one of his employees, said this about John: ‘THEY COULD COUNT ON BIG JOHN TO GET THE JOB DONE, MAKIN' THEM RADARS IN PIECES ASSEMBLED AS ONE. THEN HE'D TEST 'EM AND TWEEK 'EM AND SPIN 'EM UP FAST, AND SHAKE 'EM AND BAKE 'EM TO MAKE SURE THEY'D LAST.’

“In his job, John had a lot of responsibility, but he always found time to help anyone.When he went to visit friends or family, he would be down on his kneesrepairing their video set or fixing their plumbing, or anything that was broken. He could diagnose what was wrong with a car just by listening to it run. He fixed the carburetor in my old car with a rubber band, when the mechanics could not fix it.

“Ann was one friend he often helped.She said about him: ‘I always enjoyed talking to John about practical things, as I knew he had many answers to earthly matters like cars and electricity.  John was such a good listener. He was always interested in hearing about my work life, and I enjoyed hearing about his.’ When Ann came to visit us, he would go out and check her car. He would add oil or water or wash her car windows. One time he found that one brake was wearing out. She was able to get it fixed before it caused her to have an accident.  She also said, ‘Johnwas even tempered, kind, patient and accepting of people from all different walks of life. His manner and personality put others at ease. He was always ready with a friendly smile.’

“My sister Evelyn, who also donated books to this library, also praised John’s qualities. ‘He didn't pretend to be something he wasn't. He was just satisfied to be himself. He had achieved his goal by becoming a Production Manager at Raytheon and made it to the top through perseverance, dedication to detail, intelligence, and the ability to be the type of leader that does not let his higher rank shape the way he treated those who worked under him. He excelled at everything he did, but spent a lot of what little spare time he had helping others.’

“In April 1992, it was my daughter Judy’s birthday. She lived 2,500 miles away, so we flew out to see her. For her birthday present, we cut out pieces of wood for bluebird houses, and John lugged the parts in a duffle bag on the airline. Judy and John put the bird houses together, and she painted them. Her husband Larry and John then went on to build window boxes for the young people’s new house.

“The first time I saw John, he had a broken foot, but he was not resting in a chair! He was hopping around the yard fixing his car. During our years together, hetaught me many ways to do things myself. He gave me and all my women friends a small Swiss Army Knife, because he said a woman should have a knife just like a man.
“He loved to do adventurous things, like hike and canoe, as well as fly his plane. He loved sailing, and he bought a sail boat just before he lost his health.

“John and I felt lucky to have found each other in the middle of our lives.We never said unkind words to each other, and he made me feel special and loved all the time. Ann said, ‘What was most precious to me about John was his pure, steadfast love for Marylyn. For so many years he brought to her the happiness and security that she so deserved in her life. Marylyn gave back to him an equal share of devotion. She never wavered, day after day in being by his side when he was struggling with illness.’ And Evelyn added to this, ‘I could tell that his love for Marylyn brought out the very best in him.  She made his life a very happy one.’ I hope this is true, as he made me the happiest person I could ever be.

“Ann and everyone noticed how much John loved his children and grandchildren – those from his life and from mine. He worried about his family and always wanted to help them.John did all that a father could do for his family during the time he lived on planet earth. He was a loving, gentle, protective, cheering, straightforward, empowering and down-to-earth man! John was hardworking and valued a stable family. His grandchildren, Kyle and Marissa Hanson,collected books from their neighborhood for the John Memorial Library because they felt proud of him.

“John would have been pleased to see the Mt. Elgon children and adults reading books, because he believed in learning, he believed in education. I, too, was a teacher, so I send you my hopes that you will read and learn and use the skills that God has given you to make the best of your lives. Remember that the way you live your life can inspire others.”

Dr. Marylyn Rands

About Dr. Marylyn Rands

Dr. Marylyn is a retired college professor who focused her teaching on helping young women grow strong and confident. She also taught English to immigrants in the U.S. Now she spends her time writing and visiting with family and friends.

Marylyn is a true loving mother, grandmother, and friend! She is caring and always willing to help.

Her love for the children in Africa led to the initiation of the John Memorial Library located in Bumbo, a remote area in Uganda. She has generously contributed books to this Library, donated her time to edit documents for Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project, and also donated to various projects, including the solar project and website hosting.

Dr. Marylyn has connected us to various agencies, such as Global Solar Access. She is our Knowledge Development link person in the U.S. You can contact her at



Buy the solar sustem from us. We are producing solar panels from 1 watt to 100 watts with the aim of generation local income to support the work of the organisation. Email us here for the price list.


Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community Project on 10th/November/ 2011 won a green award by International Labour Organisation under the Youth Entreprenureship Facility.>> read more

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